Adding Clusters

Once you’ve added your own cloud provider, the next thing you’d probably want to do is to create a new cluster. You can click the create new cluster link on the main page of the app.

Create new cluster

You can select the provider you want to add your cluster on. You can choose the region you want to run your cluster on. You can add nodes in different regions once you create the cluster.

The “Node size” is the size of the compute nodes and “Master size” is the size of the master node. Usually, it is a good practice to size up the master node as it will have other housekeeping components running. The different available sizes are dependent on the cloud provider.

The “Volume size” parameter decides the persistent storage available for applications deployed in the cluster.

At present, a minimum of 3 nodes(including the Master node) are required for a fully functional production-ready cluster.

Cluster creation

The cluster creation process takes 40 minutes to 1 hour. The cluster page shows various stages as they get completed.

Cluster creation steps

After the cluster gets created successfully, you will get an email in the email address you registered with the subject “New cluster created”.