An app is a collection of one or more services. Each app is associated with a project in a cluster. A project can have one or more apps in it.

Apps can be of any size or complexity, ranging from a simple HTTP service which responds with “hello world” to a set of microservices which talk to each other. A stack is also a term used to denote an app, and both terms are used interchangably. For example, a LAMP stack runs a PHP service and a MySQL DB.

ShapeBlock clusters currently support the following stacks:

  1. Drupal
  2. Django
  3. Node.js
  4. Laravel
  5. Rails

and this is solely chosen based on current users’ needs. If there is a request or demand to add a new stack, it can be added and documented as well.

There is a roadmap feature in progress to add custom stacks very specific to user needs, but currently not generally available.