What is ShapeBlock?

ShapeBlock is a SaaS which provisions OpenShift Origin(OKD v3.11) clusters on your own cloud servers. It acts as a thin wrapper atop your OpenShift cluster with lot of emphasis on day 2 operations and full automation.

What is OpenShift?

OpenShift is a container-based PaaS built by RedHat and powered by Docker and Kubernetes.

Is ShapeBlock for me?

If you want an industry-backed open source PaaS to deploy your applications, but want to use your own infrastructure to do that, then ShapeBlock is for you. ShapeBlock doesn't provide any computing resources, it just provides the automation and complete user experience around your infrastructure.

Can I run <insert-your-favorite-stack-here> ?

If you can containerize your application, you can run it on ShapeBlock. There are guides for running Drupal, Django and more on the way. Please contact us if you have any questions about deploying your application on ShapeBlock.

Do I have to know Kubernetes to use this?

For the most part, no. One of the main motivations for creating ShapeBlock is to leverage the power of Kubernetes without the learning curve and the operational hurdles associated with it. That said, ShapeBlock allows power users to use advanced features as well.

Why can't I use plain Kubernetes?

You can, but it is not a good idea to start out with plain Kubernetes. OpenShift is backed by industry giants, is a more polished product in comparison to plain vanilla Kubernetes. Read more about why OpenShift is preferred over Kubernetes here.

How is ShapeBlock priced?

ShapeBlock offers a flat pricing model with a recurring price of 49 USD per month for running a single cluster. You can run as many apps, nodes and users in it as you want. More information and questions around pricing can be found on the pricing page.

What kind of support is offered in this pricing model?

We currently assist users with containerizing their applications and address any issues they might have around it. The typical response time is less than 24 hours.

When will you ship feature X?

Check the roadmap for a planned list of features. Contact us if you want to request a feature not present in the roadmap.

How secure is my data?

ShapeBlock takes security very seriously. ShapeBlock does not store any user data without explicit consent. Check the security for more details.

I have a question that is not listed here.

Please Contact a human to get it answered.