Deploying your first app

Sign up for a free account.

Verify your email. Look out for the subject “[Shapeblock dashboard] Please Confirm Your E-mail Address” in your inbox. It might be in your Spam folder. Click on the link to confirm the email you gave. If you don’t verify your email, you won’t be able to do anything useful in the site.

Once you’ve successfully verified your email, you should be able to see a “demo cluster” on the main page.

Demo cluster

You can try and deploy an app in the demo cluster without adding any cloud servers, just to get a feel of how it works.

Inside the demo cluster, you will have a link to a project. Projects are a way to organize your apps in ShapeBlock. In the case of a demo cluster, you will have only 1 project, which will be based on your username.

Demo cluster project

Once you’re inside the project, you should be able to launch your app.

Demo cluster create new app

Demo cluster new app

You can also create app from your repository if you have already integrated GitHub or Gitlab with your account.

NOTE Your app will be idled after a few hours of deployment. Your app will be un-idled back again when it receives HTTP requests.

What next?

1) Create a new cloud provider.

2) Create a new cluster using the above cloud provider.