Working with Apps

The app detail page has 2 forms.

App detail

Scaling your app

The first form in the app detail page is for scaling your app. This scales the application horizontally by adding more containers/replicas and load balancing it automatically.

Deploying your app

The second form in the app detail page is used to deploy the most recent commit of your code for any branches it has. This will trigger a new build, create a new version of your app image and deploy it.

App settings

ShapeBlock, and Kubernetes in general advocates the [12factor]() methodology for deploying applications. In lieu with this, any configuration change is mapped as environment variables. Environment variables can be added in the app details “settings” tab.

App env vars and secrets

Sensitive information like API keys and passwords can be added as secrets.

Mapping domain names

The default domain associated with any app shipped in a ShapeBlock cluster has the “” convention. This can be mapped to a custom domain with free HTTPS certificate(free TLS is currently a limited-availability feature which is toggled on demand for your cluster) in the “Manage domains” section of the “settings” tab.

App domain

NOTE that the default <app-name>-<project-name>.apps.<cluster-name> domain should be mapped with the domain name you want to map as a CNAME entry with your DNS provider first before adding a mapping in ShapeBlock.