What is ShapeBlock?

ShapeBlock is a SaaS which provisions OpenShift Origin clusters on your own cloud servers. It just acts as a thin wrapper atop your OpenShift cluster.

Is ShapeBlock for me?

If you want an industry-backed open source PaaS to deploy your applications, but want to use your own infrastructure to do that, then ShapeBlock is for you. We don't provide any computing resources.

Can I run <insert-your-favorite-stack-here> ?

If you can containerize your application, you can run it on ShapeBlock. There are guides for running Drupal, Django and more on the way. Please contact us if you want to deploy your application on ShapeBlock.

Do I have to know Kubernetes to use this?

For the most part, no. OpenShift abstracts out all the details for you and offers a great developer experience on top of Kubernetes.

Why OpenShift?

Because its backed by industry giants, is a more polished product in comparison to plain vanilla Kubernetes. Read more about why OpenShift is preferred over Kubernetes here.