Simple and predictable pricing for everyone.


Run 1 application in a shared cluster. Sleeps after an hour of inactivity.

Ideal to get a taste of ShapeBlock


Create your own cluster on your cloud provider

Add nodes to your cluster

Deploy and scale any number of applications

Free SSL, custom domains

Perfect for hobby apps, professional applications and high traffic apps


All features of premium

Create upto 5 clusters

High Availability clusters

Backup and restore of clusters

Custom apps

Pricing FAQ

Is there a trial period for ShapeBlock?

Yes. You can try out all the features of a premium plan for 30 days without adding a card.

Also, once you sign up, there is a demo cluster where you can deploy your app for free to get a taste of how ShapeBlock works.

Will ShapeBlock store my credit card details?

No. ShapeBlock uses Stripe for handling payments, so all payment related information will be handled by Stripe and ShapeBlock has no access to your card details.

I don't see an annual plan.

ShapeBlock does not have an annual plan at this time.

How to subscribe to a plan?

After logging in, please visit the billing page and add a new card. Your subscription will be automatically created after adding a card successfully.

I have a question that is not listed here.

Please visit the FAQ section.