Run your applications on a Heroku-like PaaS

ShapeBlock is a Bring-your-own-infrastructure tool which converts your infrastructure into an enterprise-grade PaaS in minutes. Your infrastructure, your code, your rules, our automation.

Focus on code, not on infrastructure

As a developer, you don't need specialized knowledge of containers or Kubernetes. Experience a clickops-style applications.

  • git push deploys your code to production
  • best-in-class features like scaling, atomatic TLS and logging baked into your workflow.
  • Runs your favorite stack. Django, Rails, Express.js, Laravel, Drupal, Flask, React, Angular, with more being added.
  • Runs almost all popular databases. MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis.
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Forget infrastructure management

Care and feeding of your infrastructure can be daunting, even if done right. Delegate all the grunt work of shipping your application and maintaining infrastructure.

  • ShapeBlock is built on 100% open standards. You are not locked in by any proprietary tools. Your applications will run even if (godforbid) I get hit by a bus :D
  • Reduce infra costs. Running your app on a PaaS can be expensive, especially if you use a host of other third party services to support it.
  • Industry standards. All industry best practices and access control policies are applied to your cluster and infrastructure automatically.

Works with your favorite cloud

Supports Digitalocean, Linode and AWS, with more in the pipeline.

  • Provide your cloud keys
  • Spin up VMs in your cloud
  • Deploy your applications in minutes
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Simple predictable pricing

You'll be billed $7 USD per month for each VM you create via ShapeBlock.

Free tier

$0 /month

Free forever plan. Bring your own infra, deploy 1 app.

  • 1 cluster with 1 node
  • 1 app
  • upto 2 services
  • best effort support
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$7 /month /VM

Deploy unlimited apps, work with your team.

  • Unlimited clusters
  • Unlimited apps
  • Unlimited services
  • Teams
  • email support
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What is ShapeBlock?

ShapeBlock is a SaaS which converts your VM(s) into a fully functional PaaS. It acts as a thin wrapper atop a Kubernetes cluster installed in your VMs with lot of emphasis on day 2 operations and full automation.

Is ShapeBlock for me?

If you want an industry-backed open source PaaS to deploy your applications, but want to use your own infrastructure to do that, then ShapeBlock is for you. ShapeBlock doesn't provide any computing resources, it just provides the automation and complete developer experience around your infrastructure.

Can I run <insert-your-favorite-stack-here> ?

If you can containerize your application, you can run it on ShapeBlock. There are examples for running various tech stacks and more on the way. Please contact me if you have any questions about deploying your application on ShapeBlock.

Do I have to know Kubernetes/Docker to use this?

For the most part, no. One of the main motivations for creating ShapeBlock is to leverage the power of Kubernetes without the learning curve and the operational hurdles associated with it.

Why can't I just use Kubernetes?

Well, you can, but it is not a good idea unless you have in-house Kubernetes expertise. Even if that is the case, there is a good chance your team missing operational knowledge around your tech stack specific to Kubernetes and cloud native context. Also, you might want to focus on running your business and shipping features instead of dealing with Kubernetes maintenence and operations.

When will you ship feature X?

Check the roadmap for a planned list of features. Contact me if you want to request a feature not present in the roadmap.

How secure is my data?

ShapeBlock takes security seriously. No user data is stored without explicit consent. Check security for more details.

I have a question that is not listed here.

Please Contact a human to get it answered.