Convert your Kubernetes cluster into an enterprise PaaS

ShapeBlock reconfigures your Kubernetes cluster into a full-fledged PaaS in 5 minutes.

How ShapeBlock works

ShapeBlock converts your Kubernetes cluster into a PaaS

Import your Kubernetes cluster

Spin up a new EKS/AKS/GKE/DOKS cluster and import it in the ShapeBlock dashboard. ShapeBlock provisions a set of common components like ingress, registry and a custom operator in your imported cluster.

Deploy your app

Deploy your application with ease on Kubernetes. Get best-in-class features like scaling, monitoring, SSL, logging, backups and Continuous Delivery baked into your workflow.
Deploy your application with ease on Kubernetes
focus on writing code, not deploying

Focus on writing code, not deploying

Spend your time shipping awesome features to your users faster, not on staging, deploying and scaling your apps.

Run your favorite stack

ShapeBlock runs your favorite framework and service.

Reduce infrastructure costs

Running your app on a PaaS can be expensive, especially if you use a host of other third party services to support it.

Baked in kubernetes security

Baked in security

All industry best practices and access control policies are applied to your cluster and infrastructure automatically.

Take the pain out of infrastructure management

Forget infrastructure management

Care and feeding of a Kubernetes cluster can be daunting, even if done right.

Leave all the grunt work of maintaining the infrastructure to us.

no vendor lock in

No vendor lock in

ShapeBlock is built on 100% open standards. You are not locked in by any proprietary tools.